Paid Traffic Training Review – Is it worth it?

Hi, Alex here … This is my Paid Traffic Training Review… Paid Traffic Training is a course by Maxwell Finn that can teach you how to grow your business with Facebook ads. However, is Paid Traffic Training worth it or yet another online course that is overpriced?

I am a member of this program myself and let me just reveal right away that Maxwell Finn is the real deal and knows what he is doing. This does, however, not mean this is the right course for everyone.

This Paid Traffic Training review will give you all the details and an inside look so you can see exactly what to expect and if it will be the right option for you or not.

Personal Experience

I remember when I started my first Facebook ads campaign, back then I had a dropshipping store and I made my online store with Shopify and I liked how easy it was to create one. I had a lot to learn. Making a successful campaign on Facebook is not something you can do overnight … and it is important for you to know that. The learning curve is long and after watching many videos on Youtube I decided to create advertising through Facebook which became a complete disaster, I lost $5000 in ads, for not knowing the right information.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be guided only by YouTube videos, don’t do that. There is just too much information and they probably will mislead you. If you do not have a solid base you won’t succeed with your facebook campaigns. That’s a fact.

If you take this seriously and want to avoid issues, I highly recommend you taking this course. Paid Traffic Training by Max Finn will save you time and money. When it comes to Facebook advertising, MaxFinn is an expert…He is legit and after taking his course my perspective completely changed. Now, let’s take a look…

Is Paid Traffic Training by Maxwell Finn really worth it?


Chapter 0 — Welcome
• Welcome to Paid Traffic Training Maxwell Finn
Chapter 1 — My Must Have Tools
• Links To Each Tool Below
• AdPlexity | Researching Ecommerce Products, Stores & Competitors
• ClickFunnels | Creating Landing Pages & Funnels
• Placeit | Designing Stunning Product Mockups & Ad Creatives
Chapter 2 — Before Going Live
• Business Manager Walkthrough
• Getting In The Right Mindset
• Finding Unicorn Ads For Inspiration
• CBO Rules
• Understanding The Customer Satisfaction Score
• Testing Your Pixel
• Setting Up Custom Conversions
• Creative Process — Part 1
• Creative Process — Part 2
• Creative Process — Part 3
Chapter 3 — Testing & Cold Traffic Strategies
• Identify All KPIs For Your Offer/Business
• Structuring Your Campaigns
• Using Contests For Top Of Funnel
• Using Dynamic Creative
• Reverse Targeting
Chapter 4 — Optimization & Middle of Funnel Strategies
• How To Do Free + Shipping Right
• Bankruptcy/IPO Method
• How To Become An Objection Blocking Ninja
• CBO Pain Point Segmenting…
• CBO Segmenting Optimization
• CBO Retargeting Strategies
• Cost Cap Bidding…

As you can see the course is very extensive and well explained, he also teaches different strategies to achieve your desired business goals. Also, he has a Facebook group where he discusses new methods to run successful campaigns. Every question you may have is answered in his private group He’s course gets updated every time and I really like that.

What’s the price?

Paid Traffic Training does not have a one-time fee but has a monthly fee as it is a program that continuously gives access to new training, live sessions, support, and more.

So you just have to pay $97 to join and then it is $97/month after that as well.

Be aware that you can cancel anytime. In my opinion, this is a very good value for money and a good deal as you do not have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get access to find out if it is for you.

You can just get one month and spend a lot of time going through the training and then see and judge for yourself.

An important thing is also that there are NO hidden fees.

If you have joined courses before you will know that you are usually hit with a lot of upsells right after joining or you suddenly have to pay a lot extra to get access to the real benefits.

That is not the case when it comes to Paid Traffic Training as everything mentioned in this review and on their sales page is included for the monthly price.

This kind of transparency is something I personally appreciate a lot as you can then right away see if it you have the budget or not without having to worry about what the true price will be after you join.

This tells a lot about the ethical approach of Maxwell Finn which is, unfortunately, hard to find online today but when I find someone that has this approach, I really appreciate it.

Who Is The Founder Of Paid Traffic Training Maxwell Finn And Can You Really Trust Him?

Maxwell has been a digital marketer and entrepreneur for more than 10 years. He launched my first startup while he was still in college called Loot. His partner and he raised several million dollars in venture funding, acquired hundreds of thousands of users, and had about 20 employees before they sold the company.

After Loot, he launched Startup Drugz, an eCommerce store selling entrepreneurial themed gear. Startup Drugz did over $300k in sales in its first year and since then he has been obsessed with e-commerce and Facebook advertising.

Throughout the last few years, Maxwell has coached many entrepreneurs and helped them take their businesses to the next level with advanced Facebook advertising strategies. During this time, he also co-founded an agency with the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. His agency runs Facebook ads and sales funnels for some of the largest companies in the world like 3M. His company also launch our own products and earned a 2 Comma Club award from ClickFunnels for creating a funnel that generated over $1M in revenue. In fact, his company generated $4.5M from a single product within 4 months.

Maxwell is frequently invited to speak about Facebook advertising at some of the largest and most prestigious events and masterminds in the world. This includes an invite-only mastermind for the biggest 25 marketers on Shopify (sponsored by Shopify) and Ezra Firestone’s Ecom Allstars Conference. Nonetheless, he has been featured on many podcasts like ClickFunnel’s Funnel Hacker Radio and Shopify’s Shopify Masters podcast.


I honestly believe this is a great course worth to take, the continuous live sessions and great support is something that separates it from many other courses today. As a matter of fact, if you want to grow your business with paid advertising from Facebook, this is definitely a course to check out.

I hope this review and inside look has helped you get a good overview of what Paid Traffic Training offers and if it’s for you or not.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Paid Traffic Training yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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